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February 28, 2013
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Impo Imp by adamRY Impo Imp by adamRY
Name: Impo Imp

Age: 23

Species: Imp

Kind: Anthro

Occupation: Sorcerer-in-training and member of the Paws of Faith

Alignment: Good

Likes: Learning magic, studying, getting stronger, being by himself

Dislikes: Making friends, wasting his study time, his parents

Personality: Solemn, somewhat unsocial, easily annoyed, perfectionist

Skills: Levitation, telekinesis, magic, reading ancient glyphs, speaking ancient languages, teleportation

Weapon: Lexicon spell book

Fighting style: Serious and difficult-like sorcery

Appearance: black/light blue furred, brown hair, black cape-like cloak

Relationships: Ignivain Istari (mentor), Yen-Sid, Donna Sid, Danny Sid (Superiors), Phantom Blot, the Order of Chernabog, Maleficent and the Assembly of Doom (enemies)

History: Impo was raised by a long line of strong wizards, but he was born frail and timid. His parents were disgusted by his weakness and thrown him off a cliff by his disgrace. Impo survived and was found by Ignivain Istari. Ignivain takes Impo under his wings and teach him magic, much to Yen-Sid's concerns that he will turn evil. As he trains, all he could think about is getting revenge on his parents, but Ignivain plans to role out that hatred by putting an assignment to learn how to make friends, much to his annoying disgust, but he follows his orders anyways. (More info later.)
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Thanks. And I have a movie idea for you to try: [link]

Name: The Cursed Castle of Terror
Description: Six unlikely heroes must search for the cursed castle of terror which is ruled by an evil king. Will they make it in time to bring peace to the land or will they be doomed?
Design: Make an original poster, but something different. Six animals stand behind a castle with an anthro gargoyle riding on a horse like this: [link] The anthros are a kokiri ([link]) posing like Luigi: [link] but he is holding a sword, a female kangeline posing like Xion: [link] and a female smooth collie posing like Kairi: [link] The ferals are three ponies (alicorn, pegasus and earth; decide their appearances). The 4 circles come with two colors (indigo and purple). One has a dragon (from this video; pause at 00:05: [link]) while the other has an anthro giantor. The bottom ones have a feral zillasaur drooling and a were-worgen: [link]

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